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tv   Nightline  ABC  December 3, 2013 12:35am-1:06am EST

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♪ we should be easy we should be ♪ ♪ free sometimes tonight on night line, life imitates art. the real heartthrob who made a career living on the edge dies at 40. tonight his last few seconds and what caused the fatal crash. this woman lost a staggering 800 pounds. what's her secret? more than just incredible weight loss but a family cover up that almost put her on death row for her sister's crime. >> and it was nearly the perfect get away.
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this eagle managed to flee 70 miles after swiping a video camera but he couldn't outfly his ego. we got the mug shot as this bird bandit reveals his identity. >> keep it right here. night line is back in just 60 second
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>> from new york city this is "night line". >> paul walker was at the center of the $2 billion franchise that sent him on the fast track to fame. he lived vicariously through his daredevil stunts now hitting too close to home. we have the latest details on the charity event this weekend where things took a turn for the tragic. >> reporter: those blue eyes, that smile, that lead foot.
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for paul walker it was a recipe for hollywood success. he rose to fame in the fast and furious block busters, those street racing epics, six movies in all that earned urine vestal studios over $2 billion worldwide but now this is his hollywood ending. a fiery crash that killed the 40-year-old actor and his friend. the red porsche so mangled that it was unrecognizable. calling into the question the fate of the latest movie that he was filming. walker didn't just play a fast car junkie he was a self-described adrenaline junky off screen, too. and then a love of cars. >> just under 200. i did 197. i haven't broken 200 yet. >> are you going to try? >> i'll do it.
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it's the right car. everything i have are cars that put out plenty of power but what limits you is aero. >> he is a member of a southern california racing team. that love of speed may have caused this. when rescue crews arrived, the fire ball was still burning. >> two people dead. one of them is paul walker. >> witnesses tried to put the fire out, too. one of walker's childhood friends reportedly attempted to pull his body from the burning car. police had to hold him back. >> there is nothing. we tried. we went through fire extinguishers. >> walker, the passenger and his friend the driver were pronounced debt at the scene. police still do not know exactly what caused them to lose control. but authorities now say the car they were in was going very vast.
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>> this is something else authorities are looking into. >> the cause, one of the fastest cars out there. it sells for more than $400,000, goes from 0 to 125 in less than ten seconds and can reach 205 miles per hour. even professional drivers call it scary to handle but these were professionals. rodas had championship titles to his name. >> does it surprise you knowing roger's skill level that this is the outcome? >> that's the answer that i came out here looking for is why? how? he's such a skillful driver. but you see this all the time. >> jim spoke to both men just before they road off. they had all been attending a toy drive and car show for walker's charity to benefit the victims of the typhoon in the philippines.
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it was supposed to be a quick joyride. the crash happened just minutes after they left. this is one of the last known videos of walker right there with that porsche. >> i felt in my heart that something was wrong. >> what did you hear? >> i heard a big bang. like something had hit something. and obviously it did. and right after i saw the smoke and i knew. >> what was the last thing you heard paul say? >> i'll be right back. that was the last thing that paul set. he looked at some of the guys and everything else. >> the coroner has not positively identified their bodies. they need the dental records first. fast and furious catapulted walker to fame but he had a long road to stardom. he modelled as a child and later turning up on "who's the boss"
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and charles in charge. he told charlie gibson even he was surprised by his own success. >> do you ever pinch yourself? >> yeah, all the time. why me. it's like winning the lottery. i keep winning it. >> this 2001 interview with the view seems haunting. >> to me driving fast, taking pride in your car that's what guys do. that's america. you know? racing has always been around. it always will be. this movie shows that speed is fascinating and it's a rush and there is is a lot of risk and a lo of stake. >> there is a lot at stake with the last one, too. the fast and furious movies are the most successful franchise ever. >> they have to rethink the whole plans for not gist movie number 7 but seven, eight, and nine. there is is a real puzzle ahead of them. they have a much bigger investment than just the next movie. they're thinking about the franchise and the brand and big
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picture. >> it's been a while since i been behind the wheel in one of these. >> walker was supposed to return to the set on monday. >> how was that one? >> he was half way through shooting the new movie. universal is just scrambling trying to figure out what to do. they were totally caught off guard. of course no one could have foreseen something like this happening. there is just no back up plan. >> variety says that universal will need to chart a new course quickly. >> they have got other stars in the movies who have other commitments do you write around him? do you cut him out of the movie? do you fake it and shoot around what you have and get a body double to do things? these are questions they must be pounding their brain trying to figure out. >> let's not blow this out of
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proportion. >> when heath ledger died in 2008, he was working on multiple films, "the dark knight" was nearly complete. >> it was possible to nip and tuck and get other actors to dub the lines in and really make it look like nothing had gone wrong. >> and earlier this year, james beg gandolfini died of a heart attack while on vacation in rome. walker has another movie scheduled for release in two weeks. he plays a father trying to save his baby daughter during hurricane katrina. >> i got a baby that needs a rescue. >> in the real world he leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter and a grieving family. >> he lost a spirit. you lost a person that maybe is meant to be this way.
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all right? i'm devastated. >> the scene of the crash now a memorial spilling into the street. fans of the movies and co-stars are showing up like model and actor tyrese gibson who left in tears. a real life twist that all too closely mirrors the movies paul walker made. >> such a sad story. our thoughts go out to the files. plus, who stole this video camera. it's a bird, it's a plane. it's a bird.
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>> for one of the heaviest women in the world, shedding 800 pounds was just the beginning of a new lease on life. texas prosecutors charged her with a crime that could have sent her to death row. shedding weight meant shedding lig light on a dark family secret. >> on this week after thanksgiving, plenty of dieters are watching what they buy at the grocery store. >> no burger at all. >> this texas woman used ed td
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weigh more than 1,000 pounds. she was one of the heaviest women on earth. >> how much weight have you lost? >> i have lost over 800 pounds. >> that's four good sized men taken all of your body? >> i used to take up a whole king sized bed. >> when a lot of people see you they think it's disgusting and hard to look at. what do you think? >> it's hard for me to look at it. i don't know how i survived that. >> back in 2008, myra was not just facing death from obesity but from a lethal injection. she was charged with murder. >> this woman is almost half a on the. >> why are my tax dollars keeping her alive. >> she was perhaps the most reviled woman in south texas, nicknamed the half on the killer. >> why isn't she in jail? >> charged with murdering her
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tiny nephew by falling on the 2-year-old. >> myra is stating that she lost her balance and that she actually landed on the child, crushing his head. >> her capital murder trial would be nothing short of a freak show. a defendant so big she had to be cut out of her house and transported in a moving van. and it cost so much to move her, her attorney even measured the courtroom -- >> the width is 130. >> and went shopping for a king sized mattress. >> we need to buy a mattress that will support over 1,000 pounds. >> so she could live in a courtroom while a jury decided if she lived or died. myra admitted she child but claimed it was an accident. >> we knew that myra was not being truthful. >> and suspected she was covering for someone. >> i tried to protect my sister. i was already dying. i was going to get capital
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murder charges. >> the death penalty. >> they were like doing me a favor. >> myra lied for months but prosecutors started to doubt her when the little boy's autopsy revealed head trauma consistent with repeated abuse. in the face of that scientific evidence, myra finally told the truth, she'd seen her sister abuse her little boy and she even recorded her sister confessing. >> right there. right there. jamie is accusing myra of testifying against her and myra said i didn't tell them how you hit him on the head with a brush. a logical person would say i didn't do it. she would acknowledge and wouldn't resist. >> charges were dropped against myra and her baby sister was arrested on child abuse charges and now serving 15 years in
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prison. >> i was not doing right. i was willing to give up my life for her. >> does she appreciate what you did for her? >> it's hard for someone to admit what they did, especially to their kid. and turn themselves in and confess. i think she did because she could not live with herself no more with what happened. >> with her name cleared, myra moved to houston and began round the clock treatment from an obesity doctor. >> she's diabetic and has congestive heart failure. she probably is very close to going to respiratory failure. >> she lost 100 pounds. next she endured a half dozen surgeries. some to remove tumors and others excess skin. she adhered to a strict high protein diet. she had to lose 600 pounds just
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so she could safely have gastric by pass. her transformation was filmed for a documentary on tlc. >> i think it's a miracle of god that i'm healthy and i'm alive. i'm not diabetic. i do not have high cholesterol or high blood pressure. >> it's possible just to take 800 -- subtract 800 pounds from somebody and they can walk around like normal and now you're okay? >> i'm okay. and my organs are perfect. >> that's crazy. >> i'm looking for clothes for job, something nice. >> these days the new and improved mayra occasionally gets reminders of her old life like letters from her sister. she showed me a recent one where jamie wrote that she wanted her to take care of the surviving children. >> she said that's why i want you to promise me please that if
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i am still in prison and something happens to our mom that you will take custody of my children. mi rah visits those children often. >> do you think you will be able to get custody of them at some point? >> i'm working on it. i'm in the process. >> she says the kids are the main reason she's still alive and her incentive to keep losing weight. >> they were the first to know when i was able to stand up for the first time. and then when they saw me walking and they saw me walk in the door they were very excited. >> just to see you walking? >> just to see me walking and happy. >> so they have provided a huge motivation? >> they are my motivation. >> a woman who has lost so much but somehow seemed to gain so much more. i'm ryan owens for night line in
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>> on tonight's feed frenzy we're flying high. delivering in 30 minutes or less not gist for pizza. amazon said that its vision for the future includes drones carrying up to five pounds of cargo to your door within half an hour. amazon prime air may take years to launch.
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customers are already dreaming of leaving the black friday crowds behind them along with figuring out ways to tip the delivery man. and here is an inquisitive sea eagle who has sticky hands stealing a park ranger's video camera. the camera was discovered 70 miles away from its original location in tact. they got to see a true bird's eye view complete with a selfie. >> and i'm ron burgundy. thanks for joining us tonight. >> and willer er ier i ferrell burgundy. >> it's not too often you can call a sheriff's deputy a dumby and get away w


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